Syamore Springs is located 6 miles north of Sabetha, Kansas on 75 highway,
2 miles east and 1 1/2 miles south, or 1 mile south of Nebraksa state line on
75 Highway and then east and south.
Indian folklore dating from early 1800's and earlier, relate many interesting facts of early
Sycamore Springs history. Many Indian Tribes were known to use the mineral water for
healing purposes. Early Indians used airtight wigwarms and mineral water poured over
hot rocks for sweat baths.

By the early 1800's many settlers were moving westward and one of their important water
stops was Sycamore Springs. John Brown and James Lane, early Kansas Free Staters,
spent time in the area. The Springs known then as Plymouth Springs was one of several
towns organized by Lane. A fort, built by James Lane, was locked nearby.

By 1880, the mineral water and beautiful picnic areas were becoming well known and a
large 60-room wood framed hotel building was built. Sycamore Springs, by 1886, had
become widely known as an outstanding health resort of the Midwest. A five story stone
hotel was also built which contained all the latest conveniences and modern hospital
facilities. Both buildings were destroyed by fire in 1916. The present hotel was rebuilt in
the early 1920's.

Besides the hotel and hospital facilities, Sycamore Springs once had a post office, general
store, barber shot and pop bottling plant.